We Are Revolutionizing How Students Experience Fitness!

Our mission: To empower the next generation of leaders—who are healthy and strong! We believe that every person can be fit and fearless, yet still enjoy food and maintain a social life, while they accomplish BIG goals in life.

The reality: We live in a busy and overscheduled society where students are constantly distracted by temptations, and faced with challenges that can derail them from their long-term goals.

The solution: O2 MAX FITNESS can help you overcome any challenge or obtacle you face that may keep you from being fit and healthy, as you reach your full potential, and
become the person you want to be!


Using our proprietary O2 MAX Method, we create personalized plans for busy students. We understand that you are juggling a lot. Between school, social life, work, internships, relationships – it can be overwhelming! That’s why we create programs specifically for you and your busy lifestyle. Each program is based on your schedule, your personal fitness preferences, your goals –and your budget


We work with you to create a personalized plan that fits into your day. We give you the right tools and coaching support so you can incorporate fitness into your life.


We get it. Most busy people probably indulge now and then. But, with the right food planning, you can indulge a bit, and still get fitness results! This is a program you can live with. We can show you how!


C’mon. We all get freaked out on occasion. The support of our coaches can help you to stay focused on accomplishing your goals, which will build your confidence, get you through college, and lead you to finding your ideal career.


We create a balanced plan that reflects your venue and preferences. Your coach will check in with you to make sure that it’s exactly the right fit.


You’ve never worked out before and aren’t sure of some of the exercises. Or, you just don’t like some of them. Or, your schedule has changed. Not to worry. We aim to please. We tweak when needed.


So what does this fitness and life transformation cost per month? Its less than a daily bottle of water. We can also help you save money on snacks, fitness items and more!

Who We Are

Hello! We’re Karen and Aaron, the Founders of O2 MAX Fitness. We’re both certified personal trainers who take an entrepreneurial approach to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. That means we’re ridiculously creative, and nothing, absolutely nothing, stops us from achieving our goals.

We can relate to the struggles and obstacles that people often run into when they’re working hard to become successful.

We’ve joined forces, and combined our experiences and talents, to create the O2 MAX Fitness community where students can learn, work out, and discover what it means to live a truly healthy lifestyle in college—and beyond.

“We’re taking what we’ve learned to give you the resources you need—and we wish we’d had—to help you navigate this crazy ride called life.”O2 MAX Fitness

The Founders


For as long as she can remember, Karen has been focused on two things: Fitness and building her own company. O2 MAX SM , which she founded in 2008, combines the best of both worlds. It is her passion and brainchild.

Karen earned a B.S. in Marketing from Washington University of Saint Louis, as well as an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

She holds a (exact certification from what organization), and is also a Master Bosu Trainer, and a NAFC (National Association for Fitness Certification)
Master Trainer.

In addition to O2 MAX FITNESS, Karen has a thriving personal training practice, where she trains people of all ages. This keeps her in close touch with the latest scientific research and the newest trends in fitness, and also what it takes for a person to transform their lifestyle. 


Aaron has always been interested in personal development and helping others through both fitness and psychology.

Personal transformation has a strong psychological component, and Aaron brings this knowledge and insight—and other unique experiences—to O2 MAX FITNESS, and the O2 MAX METHOD.

Aaron has a B.A. in Psychology from Columbia College. Like Karen, he earned, his Masters in Entrepreneurship from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

In addition, he holds a Personal Training Diploma and Certification from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI).

Aaron served in the United States Coast Guard, and while doing so, was a health and wellness coordinator. Also, he is experienced in personal training, privately and as a corporate personal trainer at Equinox.

Our Student Fitness Experts

Let us extend our welcome. The O2 MAX Community is comprised of experienced trainers, other avid fitness enthusiasts, and students who love to help other students …

We also offer coaching programs for those who are interested in becoming mentors—Campus Fitness Experts (CFE). These accessible, ambitious, goal-oriented, passionate leaders act as “go-to” advisors to our O2 MAX student membership base.